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Friday, August 14, 2015

Remember when hooking up might get you pregnant?

If you are in the over 40 crowd, hooking up and Internet dating can get painful. Nevermind Tinder causing hook-up syndrome because it does not, we cause ourselves hook-up drama.

 The article “In Search of Nursemaid, No Internet Boos Allowed” seems to agree. (Tinder is not saying they agree, I am saying I agree.)
Internet dating for the aged is different that it is for the younger crowd. We see time progression in our profile pics and we may become physically injured during a hook-up. Is the participant in the hook-up required to call the paramedics or is it understood that it is the decent thing to do?

How would one contact next-of-kin if the hospital won't let you in the room because you are not married or related? What if the hook-up was underinsured or uninsured? Do you offer to pay for a hospital stay or urgent care as if it were dinner? How does all of that work during a hook-up? Remember when the greatest worry about hooking-up was pregnancy and stalking?
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