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Sunday, July 17, 2011

UNREPORTED : Feature Film by Jason (Six-Nine) Barnes deemed "shocking" for rape theme-- IndieGoGo

UNREPORTED : Feature Film -- IndieGoGo: "- Sent using Google Toolbar" Check out the trailer Unreported, a shocking new film by indi film producer, Jason E. Barnes. Go to the links below to find out about Justin Lake's terrible secrets.

Filmmaker, producer and Washington, D.C. native, Jason E. Barnes is sizzling hot. His newest film, "Unreported," has a twist: male rape.

The film is in pre-production and Barnes is seeking to raise funds for the project.

When asked, Barnes said he chose the subject matter of the film because it happens more frequently that anyone will admit.

"This film delves into the after effects of the attack and really shows the breakdown that men feel when their manhood is threatened. Thousands of men are raped every year and very few (less than 5%) ever report it because they are fearful of being thought gay, less of a man, weak, etcetera but it still happens. More and more, men are targeted for just that reason," Barnes said.

Pressed further, films like "Deliverance," "Pulp Fiction" and "Brokeback Mountain," come to mind as they involve male rape or sodomy themes and scenes. Barnes insists his film is different.

"(With) Pulp fiction--it was only a small portion of the film. Brokeback Mountain was more of a gay love story."Unreported" is tapping into a topic that people will feel on a visceral level. No one up until now had made a script to explore this area of our lives. People will want to see it and it will get them communicating more," Barnes said. No word on whether or not the R-rated film will contain a male rape scene.

Barnes, who has been living in Los Angeles for a while, said the film tracks the psychological and physical breakdown of lead character, Justin Lake as his life is torn apart by the bad decisions he makes in the aftermath of his brutal attack--in an attempt to hide it.

Barnes said his will be the first feature film that deals realistically with the devastating impact of male rape outside of a prison setting.

--Leslie Jones McCloud

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