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Monday, May 03, 2010

Seth is a Comedic Genius

The Bank Vault episode was Seth's best ever idea. I was immediately drawn into the dialogue. I could not believe what Brian did! I cannot believe Seth got away with that. It was stellar!
Every season, Seth MacFarlane surprises me with even more of his scathingly deep, genius. I have to buy the season DVD. I just have to.
This man Seth, has the humor market cornered!
("Seth" does mean "the anointed one," after all...)

I posted this on the Yahoo message board and on Seth's Facebook page.
I listened to Seth explain this episode on Larry King a week or so ago but I had no idea the episode would be so intense.
Kudos, Seth. I guess you will never run out of comedic genius. The feelings and emotions of the characters leaped toward me and drew me into their minds. I had not watched anything so intently in a while.
There is a lot thought and emotion rambling around in Seth's head and a bit of it was released in that Bank Vault episode.
A study in excellence, it was.
(now you have to write a novel, Seth)

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