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Sunday, March 03, 2013

#RHOA Ms NeNe Leaks is NOT Playing!

 Kendra looked through NeNe's window and exclaimed something to the effect that she liked what Ne Ne did with the table Kendra gave her. Ne Ne replied:

This all started when Ms. NeNe did not let the ladies in her home for the scheduled 9 p.m. catered meal since they were three hours late. She had friends over for them to meet and everything. No, they did not call. They showed up at midnight and Greg gave them an antipasto platter and Ne Ne sent them on their way.

The next day the girls got up early, led by Kenya, to be on time for the day's events.  They attended an acting class. A part of an improv exercise was to hurl complements at each other. Didn't quite go right. Kenya had her abs out. (Phaedra was hatin' but she mite be preggers)

While dining, the subject of booty vids, Kendra's ex and Kim ZB stealing Kandi's baby name of Cash came up for discussion. This is what Kim ZB said:

 (ooh. harsh and unexpected.)


Watch Live:
Ok. Why is this the game? No snatching bald please. matching weave games? Please. haha

Oh My! Files:
Sheree files restraining orders.

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