Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ab Fab is On!

On BBC America "Olympics" is the name of the skit. I love this show. I love these women! Dahhhhhling. Go dahhhhling, make phone calls...tighten up a bit--swinging saloon doors...Whoooooooo.
I love this series. These ladies have kept me laughing throughout the years. God Bless them!
Folds of old skin! Shortage House? It's so British! Incontinence when you sneeze? Wet!
Menopause symptoms? "We have all these Michael Douglass invites and I'm going to use them!"
It is my quiet goal to live in London. I want to see how it is--how they get on and all. I may be my destiny.

Omg why Eds got to be fallin' down and going out the wrong doors? anyway Ab Fab is a testament to what happens to party girls after the age of 35. Okay 45. But at 50 there is a no go. Okay 60 is definitely the cut off age for women in any club anywhere. By that age, they should own the club. Right? (Another goal.)

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