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Atlanta Housewives Season Finale: Charges of Financial Abuse against Peter by mom of Cynthia, sister

The show opens with Lawrence performing "Closet Freak," a song Kandi wrote for him. The performance was good. Ne Ne started out talking about not having anything to do with Kim. All of the ladies were fierce at the show. (There was an unidentified lady in the audience that had half-blonde and half-black bob--that was cute.)
All the drama was quietly at Cynthia's house. She is short on money and the bridesmaid dresses ain't even thought of since the bride's dress comes first. Cynthia said she doesn't do broke well. It's two days before the wedding.
Then her sister put it out there: How is Peter contributing to the relationship? Cynthia can still work. Peter says he is born to be a restaurant. (since closing the restaurant)
She asked her dad to help her out financially with the wedding. He said he can't swing it.
Phaedra's baby Aden is sooooo cute with the fattest, sweetest cheeks. Momma is going back to work after an eight-week maternity leave and she cried. It's tough leaving baby for work. Every mom knows that.
Kim is so thin. Kandi announces she is touring with Fantasia. She addressed the issue of Kim once again, going around Kandi on the money tip over one of the songs she wrote and details of their business relationship.
They decided to let Kandi's manager and Kim's attorney handle the business end so that they could remain cool. Kandi said distribution for "The Ring Didn't Mean A Thing," will not happen if the details aren't worked out because as it stands, Kandi and her people own the rights to the song.
Whoo. Good girl Kandi--handle it!
Sheree is auditioning for a film, "If These Hips Could Talk."
Sheree is learning to take direction well. Terri Vaughn was on the panel. (secretary on Steve Harvey Show) She seemed to express frustration. Sheree was supposed to portray an angry black woman. She seemed to deliver that. Ms Vaughn seemed to sit up and notice.
Ne Ne, Ne Ne, Ne Ne. Whoooooooo. The list of things-to-do for her son Bryson was involved (for a teen). Teens don't understand. Being momma is tough. You end up saying the same thing over and over and over again. She said Bri-Bri needs a job.
Comes the nuptial countdown. Cynthia's mom paid the last minute, down-to-the wire $3,000 for the open bar at the venue. Phew.
Cynthia's sister questions why the sadness and stress from sister Cynthia. Duh, money problems. Mal, Cynthia's sister, is worried about her sister and the stress made Mal cry! Her mom broke it down: she thinks Peter is financially abusing Cynthia and that he lies.
"Allow him to give," she tells her daughter, because a man will do whatever you allow him to do, she said.

Back to Ne Ne. She and Greg talked over glasses of wine. Greg essentially apologized but Ne Ne said he is always apologizing, so she didn't care.
"It doesn't change anything," she said, adding he needs to change his behavior. They still plan to put parenting first.

Reason number one why Cynthia should not marry Peter:
What does that say about the wedding?
Anyway, Cynthia’s dress was amazing in platinum silver. It was an original and it was everything.
Kim is bringing to the wedding, Kroy Biermann, of the Atlanta Falcons football team--who she met at one of the many functions they attend. She said it’s serious but she has been keeping it quiet so that it can last. The big reveal will be at Cyndi’s wedding.
Peter shows to his wedding up full tilt asking for vodka and cranberry.
Last wedding cliffhanger: they forgot the marriage license and are not sure where it is.
It’s official: mom and sis do not want Cynthia to marry. They hijacked the marriage license so when she does marry it won’t legal? Dunno about that one, she does have a license but it just not presented to the pastor. I know he does have to sign the thing.
All the ladies looked fab at the wedding. Kim brought her own bottle because she said Cynthia couldn’t afford good wine if she was, “whining about the honeymoon.”
Ne Ne said Kim is invisible to her.
Well, Sheree said she could see where “they cut corners.” (no abundance of flowers)
Meow. Dang. Kim, Sheree and Phaedra had the claws out for this one!
Anyway, Cynthia was beautiful--like a work of art in that dress--and the ceremony went forth Peter in spite of his imperfections. Ahhh, love. (remember that her mom and sis hid the license so I am not clear if it is legal or not--whooo--because Mal was visibly upset as if she felt guilty about her involvement in the whole thing. Whooo.
The full-skirted, tucked dress (with toile petticoat beneath) had a crease-pleat, choker-collar and huge side bow, also at the neck. Accompanied by large drop earrings, an up do and evening makeup, Cynthia glowed.
Okay, the wrap-up: Dwight and Ne Ne made up at the reception and danced after he presented her with some of the flowers from the wedding arrangements.
P.S. Ne Ne will be on the Apprentice in March. Looks fun! And Kim is preggers, due in June! Whooo!
Source: Atlanta Housewives, Bravo Channel
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