Sunday, March 16, 2008

Road to the White House/WLTH voter registration/Response to attacks on Barack Obama

Where are the African American strategists now? How does Barack climb out of this one? African Americans who have been raised around other African Americans are probably just as surprised as I am at the violent reaction to Rev. Wright's sermons by certain members of the media.
It's as if they don't know any Blacks intimately. I remember as a cub reporter at the City News Bureau of Chicago, having to cover a newsstory at Trinity once and I think the news bureau editor expected me to come out of the church shocked and amazed at what I heard but I wasn't. It didn't help that I left out after getting quotes--it was a debate.
He probably thought I didn't hear it or stuck around long enough to hear it and that is why I wasn't alarmed. My co-worker wanted to know why I wasn't alarmed but we were so busy complaining about other stuff, that we drowned each other out. Now that I think about it, they probably figured my silence as agreement. Hmmmm.
Blacks everywhere are used to these remarks. Malcolm X said it. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said it to a degree--all of our (African American) leaders have touched on Rev. Wright's race-based subject matter in question. So What? Outside of the ridiculous ideas on 911 and AIDS and the government, the race-based sermons are reflective of the lives we (African American) live.
We live with terrible injustices and we mostly don't say or do anything so it feels good to have someone who understands our pain, like Rev. Wright. A lot of what was shown on TV was overboard. Many sermons are at least 45 minutes--anyone can drift in attention during that time. However, the points made on race are indicative of what most blacks encounter daily. Just think about what Rev. Wright encountered being older during the times of outright racism. It's too bad you non-blacks can't ask some of your black co-workers. (oh, I forgot--you don't have any IN THE EDITORIAL ROOM. WHERE ARE YOUR BLACK GATEKEEPERS?)
Even if you could find one and ask, he or she wouldn't be honest and tell you about it. You'd get upset--like many of you are now.
Blacks and Whites have a severely dysfunctional, abusive relationship where Whites seek to constantly dominate Blacks and other races by hook or crook. After a while, it's easier to get along and don't say anything and let people who aren't a minority think what they whilst. What I found is when I get past White anger (because they think I'm angry) we all get along swimmingly. So maybe it is the anger and hate that is the problem (Satan) and not race. Who can help what race they are? Anyways, put some African Americans in your NEWSROOM/EDITORIAL DEPT. (not the receptionist area) and watch how they cover news, who and what they are drawn to and how they characterize certain situations. Then, when something like this Rev. Wright situation comes up, you won't be surprised and angry. You'll already know.
(Because I'm getting tired of the coverage--it's lame--there is only one point of view mostly)

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